Beating Wings

 Beating Wings

Beating Wings

I was still shooting film when I took this photo.  We had decided to celebrate one of David’s milestone birthdays by renting a beach cottage in Surfside for the weekend.

The next morning, we sipped coffee and watched the waves roll.  A hawk flew in, perching on a post at the end of the boardwalk, searching for breakfast.  He was at least 50 yards from the cottage door.  As we watched, I doubted that I could ever sneak up on him to get a photograph.

Finally, I could resist no longer.  I grabbed the camera and quietly made my way down the boardwalk.  With my old Canon AE in hand, I knew I had but one shot before he flew.

A quick prayer, a deep breath, and I rounded the boardwalk in full view of the hawk.  He immediately flew… and I snapped once.  I call the photo Beating Wings.  After all this time, the photograph still amazes me.

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