Rox smiling2

Golden Studio’s resident Golden Retriever, Roxanne

The inspiration for Golden Studios came from a lifetime of photography, a passion for nature, and a desire to share it with you.  Golden Studios is dedicated to capturing incredible moments  that highlight the uniqueness, beauty, and diversity of our extraordinary world. Award-winning writer and nature photographer Virginia Parker Staat graduated with a BS in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of Houston.   She has been viewing life through the lens of a camera for over forty years.  Virginia is a sixth generation Texan, now living near Houston with husband David and Golden Retriever Roxanne.  They travel often, visiting the wild corners of Texas and beyond. Thank you for visiting Golden Studios’ website.   We hope to hear from you!

If you’re interested in following our blogs, just click one of the links below:

ruffingitx3.blogspot.com (Ruffing It is our travel blog.)

roxannedogblog.blogspot.com  (Roxanne’s site is an educational site for children.)

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